Some of the characters out of the 16 books.

About the Bright Books Literacy Series:

The Bright Books Literacy Series was conceptualised, written and illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden (see her CV at It provides tools for educators to facilitate learners in the development of basic literacy skills during the first three years of schooling (grades 1 to 3) and a unique series of full-colour, illustrated activity-based books for beginner readers.

Marjorie: “I believe that many of South Africa’s children have untapped potential. I believe any healthy child has the potential to become a creative, productive adult if they are provided care, professional guidance, suitable stimulation and good quality resources (most of all, books!) at a very early stage of their education. For this reason I poured my heart into this project, the Bright Books, for the children of South Africa. I have tried to create a literacy series that will give our young children a good, broad grounding.”

The primary objective of the Bright Books is to guide learners along the early steps towards learning to read and write. But the author’s approach is innovative and, although applicable throughout the English-speaking world, the series is tailored for the South African youth. Throughout the books in the series the young reader will learn a tremendous amount about values and life in general, in subtle addition to “school work” like basic maths concepts that form the core of each story. The author has managed to tell the stories in such a manner that the tale and the characters come first, while the lessons are unobtrusive, discreet and learnt through the fun of reading and enjoying the pictures.

These books are intended to provide so much fun that the kids won’t even notice that they are learning to read while they are enjoying the Bright Books.

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The Bright Books Literacy Series consists of:

Eleven graded reader/activity books (Grade/Level 1)
Bright Books Teacher’s Guide - Grade 1
My Bright Books Workbook

Four graded reader/activity books (Grade/Level 2)
Bright Books Educator's Guide - Grade 2

Bright Books reader/activity book (Grade/Level 3)
Bright Books Educators Guide - Guide 3

Four Bright Books wall charts:
ISBN 000ES2041A: ABC
ISBN 000ES2042A: Numbers
ISBN 000ES2043A: Animals in their environments
ISBN 000ES2044A: People and places