Some of the characters out of the 16 books.

About the Bright Books for Grade 3:

  • One reader/activity book containing fourteen stories with a mixture of full-colour and monochrome illustrations and activities under the familiar Bright things to do heading after each story.
  • An Educator’s Guide for Grade 3 educators.

The Bright Books Literacy Series for the Foundation Phase culminates in an exciting and innovative Grade 3 reader/activity book (186 pages) that uses a holistic approach to learning that integrates the eight learning areas. It is also based on the growing life-experiences of the young learner. The book allows learners to discover themselves and the world around them and is full of fun, fantasy and colour. This reader for Grade 3 provides the learners with many opportunities to demonstrate outcomes such as knowledge, skills and attitudes or values, with confidence and ease. It prepares the learner for the Intermediate Phase.

The Bright Books Educator's Guide Grade 3 (160 pages) provides hints and assessment tips to enable the educator to make the learning experience an exciting and worthwhile one.

The primary objective of the Bright Books Literacy Series is the development of literacy skills, reading writing and phonics, but the series also has a strong educational focus on other levels. Whereas Marjorie van Heerden shifted the thematic focus in the Grade 2 set of books to the acquisition of and respect for codes of social behaviour, she puts the thematic focus in the single Grade 3 volume on the development of individual creativity and self-initiative.

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The Bright Books Literacy Series consists of:

Eleven graded reader/activity books (Grade/Level 1)
Bright Books Teacher’s Guide - Grade 1
My Bright Books Workbook

Four graded reader/activity books (Grade/Level 2)
Bright Books Educator's Guide - Grade 2

Bright Books reader/activity book (Grade/Level 3)
Bright Books Educators Guide - Guide 3

Four Bright Books wall charts:
ISBN 000ES2041A: ABC
ISBN 000ES2042A: Numbers
ISBN 000ES2043A: Animals in their environments
ISBN 000ES2044A: People and places