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The authentic, true to life, unusual, alarming, actual, factual book

Author and illustrator: Marjorie van Heerden
Author of Bright things to do (activities), Germs! Germs! Germs! (poem) and I’m cross with me! (poem): Eileen Richards
Author of Bright things to do (activities) and A special friend (story): Val Zaborowski
Book user: Reader
Category: English Grade 3

SUMMARY: The Bright Books Literacy Series for the Foundation Phase culminates in an exciting and innovative Grade 3 reader/activity book (186 pages) that uses a holistic approach to learning that integrates the eight learning areas. The volume contains stories, poems and activities, often amusing and always stimulating. It is entitled The authentic, true to life, unusual, alarming, actual, factual book. It also introduces the Grade 3 reader to the world outside of South Africa through the device of “pen pal” letters, ostensibly written by children of the same age, but from foreign parts of the world and from totally different cultures, such as China, Egypt, Canada and the Amazon forest in Brazil. The activities are more advanced. Learners are provided with fun, appealing material – a combination of fact and fantasy that will encourage them to discover more about the exciting, challenging and changing world they live in.

Some feedback from learners and educators: The stories are fun, stimulating and amusing; The illustrations are humorous and appealing; They love the letters, stories and activities and can easily identify with them; They develop and acquire language skills in a fun and practical way; There are many creative activities for the assessment of outcomes; There are many opportunities for them to assess themselves and their peers.

Learner's Book (Grade 3)
Bright Books Literacy Series - Grade 3

Learner's Book,
Grade 3 – soft cover (170 x 245mm portrait), 186 pgs
ISBN 0625027701

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